• Killer Client Gifts

    Til death do you part, your clients will love you forever with a gift like this.

    P.S. Holidays are always a great time to show your appreciation via a premium custom rug.

  • Business Write Off

    You didn't hear it from me.


  • A Special Something Just For You ;)

    Our eternal gratitude towards our partners means we'll throw in a special package just for you.

Any Burning Questions?

Is this white labeling?

Yes, and No. Mostly No.

It's a partnership. Tags, cards and other branding collateral will be collaborative.

Your Brand X The Rug Dealer

Arrangments can be made depending on your request.

Can we do reoccurring deals?

Yes, We can set up a quota of X amount of Rugs per month for limited drops.

On the flip, we can start with one initial drop to test the waters.

Is there a NDA for my designs?

Since this is a partnership, I remain the right to put my branding and logo on the rugs, however your designs are yours.

Rugs made for your brand will only be sold via your website, I will not make or sell your logo to anyone else or on my site.

How do we keep track of orders?

I have a spreadsheet that will go over all of the details from list of clients, logos, tracking, final photos, and more.

You'll always be in the know on status updates and shipment tracking for all of your clients.

Got Something Special in Mind?