Artist Statement

Bucket list : Rug Wrap a Porsche
This has been on my list since I made my first rug in 2021. I took the first opportunity I could to make it happen


Using Mid-Journey ,I made several mockups to share the vision I had for this project. I often see exactly what I want before I make anything - but it's a lot easier to share ideas with clear visuals.


For the design stage, I decided to take inspiration from Porsche's signature color, Miami blue. I hand drew the design on a match box car that was the closest to the same body frame. This was the only draft.

  • Pattern Making

    Every Panel of Cayman needed to be traced out to scale so, I used masking tape, and newspaper to get the exact measurements.

  • Making the Rugs

    This is the expensive part of this project, in both time and money. Each panel takes about 10-15 rolls of yarn and 20-30 hours of labor.

  • Attaching the Pieces

    Figuring out how to attach it to the car. Each panel has separate straps and ways that they need to go on. This gets made up as I go.


Please Read


What about Rain & Mold?

This is a cover only for car shows and display. When it is not on the car, it's a show piece in my living room. It'll never see a drop of rain.

Scatches + Damage to the car?

It has a soft felt backing to keep scratches to a minimum. Since it's a cover it won't be glued to the car and we are working on getting it fully wrapped before the completion of this project.

How do you clean it?

It'll have to be vacuumed but it'll have a protective spray on it to prevent stains. If it needs a deep clean, it can be steamed.

Car Overheating??

Model: 2015 Cayman Porsche

Weight: 3,034 lbs

Materials: Yarn, Felt, Porsche

ID# 001