Rug Submission


Every Month on the 13th Submissions for custom rugs opens.

This allows us to provide Premium services and focus on new designs.

You can get your gangster rug made straight from the dealer.

Rug Summoning

How Does This Work?

Pick what you want, choose carefully.

No Sugarcoating, I want to make cool things and push the limits to tufting. I have a set of rules below that will go into what to submit.

Once you know what you want and you have a PNG or Jpeg of your design, follow any of the submission forms

FIll Out Submission Form

Fill Out the Form, And wait..

I will have an email that will go out within 48 hours after your submission saying wether you've been accepted or not.

You can submit more than once but please do not blow up my inbox with the same design request.

Once Accepted, We make a Deal

Once you get the email that your design has been accepted to be made, you'll have 72 hours to pay the invoice or your spot will go to the next person.

After the payment is processed, I'll get started summoning your rug.

The Deal is the Deal

Your rug will be made and shipped out

- Regular production time: 2-3 weeks + 1 week for shipping

- Express order production time: 1 week + 2-3 days for shipping

Once you've made a deal with me, you'll have exclusive access to new drops and more.


    • No DOGS
    • No Politics, in any form
    • No basic designs - If it's on Etsy, don't ask
    • No Kids
  • 100% Yess

    • Original Designs / Art Work
    • Tattoos
    • Logos
    • NFTs
  • If You know me, or someone else

    It's not completely bias, but I won't sugar coat it.

    If you know you know.

Got Something Special in Mind?