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Watermelon Keychain

Watermelon Keychain

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We make all of our rugs out of high quality yarn, sewn through monks cloth base fabric.

Using high strength carpet adhesive to keep it all together, backed by black felt to cover the bottom of the rug.

Shipping Info

We ship all of our rugs rolled up in a plastic parcel via USPS. The average shipping time is 3-5 business days.

You'll be notified (via preferred contact info on the initiation form) that your rug is finished along with photos to confirm everything before shipping.

If everything looks good, we'll ship it out same day if it's before 6pm CST.


Rug dimensions depend on which rug width or length size you choose.

For example: If you chose 3ft width/length. We'll make it proportional to the design you choose and make the longest side 3ft whether that's the length or width of the rug.

If it's a square rug it would be a full 3'x3' rug. If its a custom outline it could be anywhere between 3ft x 1-3ft

Care Instructions

Every order receives a set of instructions on how to wash and care for the rug, along with how to make repairs if there's a bald spot.

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